I had every intention of having a very lazy day at home which included not even changing out of my pajamas. My phone went off letting me know I had an email.

It read simply “stay home today and watch for a package for me I need you to sign for it” it went on to say ” DO NOT miss the UPS guy, this package is very important”

So I sat around the house did not even do my hair, forgot all about the package untill I heard UPS coming up my driveway.

I met him at the door and he handed me this beautifully wrapped package I took it from him thanked him when I noticed the flower guy coming up the driveway also.

WOW was all I could say too the beautiful bouquet of flowers I was holding they were carnations died a rainbow of colors my absolute favorite.

My phone was chirping to let me know I had a text so I quickly read it and it told me to take care of the flowers then to open the box after my shower and to be ready by 4 o’clock. So off I went to shower and I hurried as fast as I could to shower and do my hair put on my make-up and unwrap the most loveliest piece of lingerie. I quick put on the thong and slipped the lingerie over my head and down my curvacious body I slipped on my favorite heels and went to admire my flowers as I waited to hear his truck coming up the road..

Soon I could hear him coming up the road, turning into the driveway, I did not even realize I was already getting worked up in anticipation of him arriving home. He turned off the truck and I could hear him walking up the front steps I squeezed my thighs together involuntary shutter going up my spine…my body knows what’s coming

He walked in to the house and I smiled up at him from my seat on the floor as he walked into the dinning room. He shut the door, I grinned up at him as I unzipped his pants and let his hardening cock plop out and hit me on the chin.

I slowly pulled his cock into my mouth and began to suck it. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and sucked up and down his shaft snaking my tongue out to lick his balls on the way down his shaft. I use my hand to stroke his cock as I suck it and the other hand pushes my nightie off to the side and slips a finger into my dripping wet cunt. Swirling my finger around my clit I start to suck his cock faster this time working my way towards my own orgasm I start rubbing my clit harder, sucking his cock faster, he wraps his hands into my hair so that he ca fuck my face hearing him groan his satisfaction drove me closer to my orgasm so I pushed back and lay down and spread my legs he quickly jumped on me and roughly shoved his cock deep inside my wet slippery pussy I kept my fingers on my clit and rubbed it as fast as he was fucking me. It took about a minute for us to both reach our orgasm he came first but I was a mere second or two behind him he lay forward on me and I could feel our juices mixing together and running out of my pussy and puddling up on the floor. I smiled as he was leaning to get up and told him “Thanks for the new lingerie” I love when he surprises me with new things.


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