He is fresh from the shower and he knows how much I love to suck a freshly washed cock, I cannot resist to slip it into my mouth and lick it from one end to the other, careful to make sure I lick his balls also to get the water drips he always leaves on them for me. I greedily suck them into my mouth and lick them at the same time. I gently suck at them stroking his cock with my hand and taking the time to lick all the way up his shaft and back down to his hairy balls. I lick back up his shaft and stop at the tip too suck the whole 7 inches down into my throat and wiggle my tongue against his cock the whole way down and back up him. I continue to do this teasing dance with my tongue and mouth for as long as he lets me until he reaches down and grabs my hair with both hands and begins to fuck my face I slam my head down onto his cock as he jams it down my throat. It takes but a few short minutes until he is cumming deep with in my throat his load hot thick and juicy as it runs down my throat and pools up in my mouth because there is so much of it. I just love when a cock is fresh from the shower…

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