He pulled against his restraints trying to break free. He is on the bed face up so that I can get to his cock to stroke and tease and torment him. He can feel my breath gently blowing across his cock, the hair on his balls moved ever so slightly, he squirmed on the bed trying to jam his cock into my hovering mouth. I gave it a good swift lick from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock where the tip glistened with precum I made sure to get all of that in one lick and I gently placed the very tip of his cock in my mouth and kissed it. He groaned his disapproval for not taking his cock deep into my throat I reached out my hand and gently stroked his cock a few times. I took my honey dust and my feather tickler and dusted him down all over his nipples I followed his treasure trial all the way down to where I could dust his cock and balls. I then began to kiss and nibble and lick his nipples and worked my way south on his body. I could feel him tense up when I got to his cock. I skipped over it and nibbled on his knees and the bends of his knees when he growled out suck my cock now bitch… I got up and walked out of the room and left him there, I did not come back until his cock was no longer erect. I began to assault him again with the honey dust this time I nibbled his cock a little bit teasing him by only taking the tip into my mouth. I again left the room until he was no longer hard, I came back in and teased him and his cock some more this time I took his cock deep into my throat and this triggered his orgasm and his load of cum a\came out with so much force I almost gagged on it.


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