I slipped my collar on to my neck and gently tightened it and made sure it was straight on my neck. I slipped my strappy piece of lingerie on rolled up my thigh highs slide on my heels and made my way into the living room were hubby was once again hogging the television and football was on all day already and he was gearing up for Sunday night football so I simply had to find a way to get in there and change the channel  Of course when his team is losing it is not that easy to get his attention off of the game but I sat in his lap and started wiggling my bottom against his cock and he asked me to stop and let him watch the game, then we could play, so I stood up and turned around to give him the best lap dance he has ever had wiggling and jiggling my pussy all over his cock and bucking my hips as if he were inside me I could feel his cock so hard straining against the denim material of his jeans. Begging to be freed I unbuttoned his jeans after sliding down his body to reach my knees. His cock ploped out and into my mouth as if it were meant to be there. I gobbled it up and he reached down and grabbed my hair jamming his cock down my throat he held both my ears guiding his cock in and out of my mouth. I swirled my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock while he forced my mouth to open wider so his cock went deeper…The game long forgotten I give a small smile as hubby cums down my throat filling my mouth almost to over flowing and my smile widens as I look at him and say looks like I am 2 and 0 and doing better then your team…

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