We left our home early in the morning to get in one last ride before biker hubby turns our two wheel bike into a three wheeled trike…his back just cannot handle holding up two wheels anymore. So we are getting in our final ride and we spot this cute little beach off to the side of the road  but it took us a few minutes to figure out how to get down to it so we could sit for a little while on the ground. So I pull out the camera and a blanket that we carry with us and spread the blanket out, and start taking some photos of the scenery when I realize I have no memory card…go figure perfect chance for great shots and no memory card…lol. So we are sitting on the blanket and watching the water flow slowly back and forth on the beach, it is so peaceful and quiet.

Hubby and I started off making out I am not sure at what point our clothes came off but I found myself bent over the bike with hubby’s face jammed between my legs and I am cumming all over his face. I stand up and gently push him down onto the seat of the bike and slide his cock in and out of my mouth sucking and slurping his cock and using my hand to jerk him off at the same time. Hubby reaches down and wraps his hand into my hair so that he can hold my face and fuck it at the same time. Groaning he jams his cock down my throat and cums at the same time. Swallowing every bit of his juicy load I stand up and look for my clothes, handing him his as I go threw the pile fo clothes just as we finished buttoning our pants a cop pulls in to site and asks us what we are doing on the private boat ramp…we explain that we are just resting for a few minutes the cops says you to do look very sweaty so don’t stay too much longer then be on your way… lol so close to being busted!!

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