He was looking at her as she slowly undressed in her bedroom the blinds were pulled down but they were not closed all the way. He could swear she knew he was there and she was dancing around the room just for him. Her hips swaying back and forth as if she were listening to music ( the ear buds she had in were invisible to him). She slowly slid off her skirt sliding it slowly down her hips and across her thighs kicking it away she continued to sway to the music, moving her hips and running her hands across her breasts, and down to her pubic bone continuing down to her supple thighs. In between her thighs and back up to her breasts as she began to unbutton her silky top.
He could not believe his eyes as he shifted on his feet he pulled his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it in rhythm with her hips as she wiggled her hips around the room. she was slipping her bra off her shoulders when he heard a car approaching so he moved to the back of the house luckily for him the blind was also pulled but open, he continued to stroke his cock as he watched her wiggling around with her bra clutched to her breasts then she let it go and she was standing there in her beautiful hot pink thong and her white thigh highs she looked so beautiful to him her breasts jiggling as she danced to the music .
She was feeling pretty sexy tonight and was waiting for her husband to get home maybe she would dance for him he might like that she thought. She propped her leg up on the bed and began to slowly roll the stocking down her leg careful not to let her nails snag it she loved these thigh highs with the cute white bows on the top band of the thigh high. She propped up her other leg and leaned over it to roll the other thigh high down tossing them in the basket she shook her ass towards the basket that held her delicate hand wash items as she gave a quick look she thought somethings were missing like a couple pairs of her undies like the lacy rainbow covered thong she had worn the day before and the light blue thong she was sure they were both in the basket…pushing it out of her mind and standing in her hot pink thong she danced to one more song then would get into the shower.
She was completely unaware of the man standing outside the side window with his cock in one hand and a pair of rainbow-colored lacy panties in the other hand the smell of her sweet nectar still lingering on them enough to drive him close to the edge. She was still wiggling around the room she was sliding her thong down when she turned her back to the windows and bent straight down to slide the thong off her feet he could not control himself any longer and her let go with his mind-blowing orgasm it was all he could do not to scream out her name. She flicked her thong into the basket and walked out of the room to get into the shower. She had just stepped into the house when a voice called out honey I’m home…

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