A single stray hair keeps tickling her nose and oh boy does she ever wish she could scratch the end of her itchy nose, smiling she rubs it against the bed sheet and this does the job for now. She squirms to get more comfortable, well as comfy as she can be since she is tied to the bed, face down ass in the air legs spread wide, OH yes he did have his way with her. She smiles as she remembers their playful antics earlier that afternoon.

The under the bed restraint system we leave on our bed at all times. The ropes he got out of her chest of drawers where she keeps all of her ropes. Red and black ties up one hand then pink and black ties up the other hand. One leg is tied up using the purple and black rope ad the other leg is tied with the incredible hulk colors of purple and green.  There is a pillow under her hips propping them up for a better angle on his part.

He had used the dragon tail on her which is one of her favorite whips, it leaves welts and bruises and could more likely then not leave bloody marks across the ass with someone who has the right set of skills is holding the whip I love having welts across my ass and bruises that last a week or so are perfect for me so I love it when biker hubby leaves his mark on me. My favorite part of being spanked is the after care, you know the part where he rubs some cool soothing lotion on all of my fresh marks and welts, the act of rubbing across the welts is so stingy but yet feels so good when the cool lotion soothes across the burning ass cheeks.

He kissed and nibbled across her neck and shoulders and back his rough week old whiskers poking her here and there he left whisker burn on her neck and throat. He slipped a finger into her folds as he kissed his way down her back she grounded herself against his finger she is so ready to get off but he was having none of that well not yet anyways. He reached down to move her hips and prop them up higher then slid his face down between them and began to lick her clit she pushed back against his whiskery covered chin and wiggled her bottom in front of his face trying to coax him closer and get him to give her sweet release. His finger slips into her hole and she almost came all over his face right then and there. She could feel his warm breathe on her skin as he panted  while he worked on her clit. He came up with a toy from some where it took her a few minutes to realize it was her ice dragon Kelvin that he was using on her but by the time he turned so that he was under her and one hand was sliding the ice dragon in and out of her throbbing pussy he gave her clit a swirling lick and as he jammed the dragon in she began to cum her orgasm washed over his face and got caught up in his beard and was all over the ice dragon. He rose up on his knees behind her as he got into position to give her his dragon she grabbed the sheet in her hands as tight as she could to brace herself for the wild ride that was coming her way.

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