Biker hubby came home from having a couple drinks with his friends when I heard his truck pulling into the drive way. I was dressed in a soft pink nightie with silk trim so I was feeling very sexy with my hair piled high on top of my head wrapped in a towel I am fresh from my shower. In the door he comes talking on the phone to someone so they continue to talk and she crosses her arms and taps her foot on the floor this earns her a whack on the ass cheek for her effort.  He keeps on talking knowing she is waiting for him to get off the phone and say hello to her but the phone call is important and she will have to wait until he is done. He would later tell her how sexy she looked walking around the place in a sexy pink nightie fresh from her shower his cock was getting hard just watching her prance around.

She mumbled loud enough for him to hear her say Get off the phone she was kneeling over the arm of the couch slowly moving her ass back and forth while teasing him with glimpses of her bare naked breasts. He was trying to wrap up his conversation when she got up and let out a very loud and dramatic sigh as she headed for the bedroom he smacked her ass as she scurried by him, he got in a nice solid swing that one is going to leave a mark. She took her towel off and when some one grabbed her from behind turning her around pushing her up against the wall his lips came crushing down on hers his hands sliding up her arms and across her chest yanking her robe to show more of her breast as he tweaked each nipple while their tongues danced together inside their mouths. she is shoved against the wall her hands pinned down by her sides he is still kissing her roughly just like she likes it he raises his knee up and uses it to spread her thighs so he can press his cock into her side letting her feel his excitement.

He reaches one hand up to twist her hair around his hand and hold her head in place as he deepens the kiss holding her head so that it moves with his head tweaking her nipple with the other hand his knee parting her thighs she was dripping wet and if he would just move his fingers just a little bit lower she would be in heaven as he kisses her neck her ears and her shoulder he lowers his head to suck on her nipple.   Raising his head up to continue kissing her he moves his hand to her quivering clit he brushes his hand over it and barely skimming the area she needs him to touch so bad she squirms trying to grind her self against him she lets out a groan in protest stop he whispered you’ll get yours when it is time he let go of her hair and leaned down and placed a solid kiss right on her pussy, she damn near had her orgasm right then and there all over his faceAs he grabbed her chin he placed a big huge kiss on her mouth and he whispers in her her not every encounter ends with an orgasm we can talk about this later… “Well Damn!”

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