we made it to Florida for our yearly vacation and we had nothing but trouble from the second we left the house! Any ways we are here safe and sound and ready to get some riding time in! I should mention that we are staying with biker hubby’s parents…UGH!

So half way here we get a room for the rest of the night sleep a few hours I go to bed in just a t-shirt hoping for a little action in the middle of the night, and WOW! Biker hubby glimpsed my naked rear while on a trip to the potty…Yes! plan is working…He gets on the bed middle of my legs and lifts my ass high in the air and settles himself right in. I wake to some of the action but not clearly awake. He starts to rub his half erect cock on to my waking hole. I am still partially asleep and just cannot get a grip on what is going on and I mumble and move a little bit he leans forward and gives my pussy a lick.

Oh yes plan is definately working now… He gets up slides his cock in and leans over my back and rests his head on my shoulders…where he promptly falls asleep and so do I and when we woke in the next few hours both of us too stiff and sore to do anything we get a good laugh, but man oh man did it make sex the next night so much hotter! even though we had to do a quickies at his parents home hoping they did not here us.

Vacation got off to a slow start, but you need to see other masturbation monday posts please click the banner below:



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