I unexpectedly have some free time to myself tonight… I have been so busy with school this semester that I have not been able to participate in Wicked Wednesday for about 7 weeks now. So here we go with unexpectedly having some free time.

They take a nice leisurely shower together one washing the other taking turns lathering each other up and rinsing each other off. Touching in all the right places washing every nook and cranny. Pausing long enough to share a deep passionate kiss holding each other tightly as their wet slippery bodies move together she slides down to rest on her knees, and gently slurps his cock into her mouth after licking the tip of it to wash away the small dot of pre-cum that was waiting there for her.

She sucked him into her throat and began to take long slow deep strokes down his cock with her mouth. His cock was hard almost instantly throbbing in her mouth she placed her hand on his cock and used it to stroke him quickly to orgasm.

He took her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. He made a quick stop at the drawer that holds her vibrators and collected one. The bottle of lube seemed to appear out of nowhere. Teasing and tickling her cunt with the vibe he spreads her legs wide open and places the vibe right directly on her clit to obtain max results fastest way possible. Sure enough it only took a minute or less to get her off, he knew this would happen and was ready for the results when he jammed his cock deep inside her quivering cunt.

He moved in and out of her careful to hit her g-spot and make that orgasm feel like it is lasting forever a trick he knows she loves. He pulls her hips back as he jams his cock inside her folds and struggles to hold back his own orgasm but when she unexpectedly grinds her soaking wet cunt on his cock it triggers his orgasm and he lets it flow deep inside her laying over her back and leaning on her hips to hold himself up he sighs and moves off her and proceeds to use the towel to clean her up and tucks her tightly into the bed kissing her forehead he watches her drift off to sleep, and smiles…he loves unexpected things


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