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Laying in the middle of the bed her legs spread wide for him a finger on her clit and one inside her folds. She is holding back her orgasm not yet ready to fall over the edge of desire. She can feel his breath against her clit warm and wet  as he reaches forward to suck her clit into his mouth she falls over the edge spiraling into the waves of passion that are sweeping over her. She rolls toward him sucking his cock deep inside her throat.

Gobbling him up wanting him to meet her all the way at her own orgasm sucking deep and slow strokes to take in his entire length then letting her tongue snake out to lick his balls while he is buried deep inside her warm wet throat.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her hips upward toward his own throbbing cock. Driving his cock deep inside her wet cunt he began to hammer her pussy as hard and fast as he could.Rolling over She grabbed his nipple with her teeth and took turns licking and biting the sensitive nub.

Grinding her pussy against his cock as he slammed into her slippery pussy driviing her close to another orgasm wanting him to fall off the cliff with her she worked her cunt up and down his shaft pinching his nipples she reaches up and bites his lower lip carefully hanging onto it she gets what she wants this drives him over the edge he lunges forward to drive his cock in deeper as she gushes her own orgasm all over his cock he spills a load of thick gooey cum all over her.

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