Her hands running across her breast to find their way to her nipples. Tweaking the nipples and feeling them grow she lets her hand wonder down to the V between her legs. Her clit is already swollen and throbbing. She rubs it lightly as she lets a finger drift inside her folds. stretching and reaching deep inside to hit her g-spot she lets her finger linger inside while gently rubbing against her clit causing it to swell even further.

She reaches for her favorite vibe and squeezes some lube on it and lets hit work its magic on her g-spot a couple small orgasms have her on edge wanting the big orgasm her body is quivering to have.

She puts her vibe against her clit and lets it do its thing. Rubbing the vibe up and down her dripping wet cunt she lets the vibe slip in and out of her folds. feeling the orgasm build her thighs spread even further apart. Arching her back to press against the vibe harder she feels the edge coming closer turning the vibe up a notch.

Dipping the vibe into her hole and running it up to her clit one last final thrust of her cunt to grind against the vibe and that sends her spiraling over the edge. Waves of pleasure wash over her, she squeezes her thigh together letting the vibe bump her clit a few more times to prolong the orgasm her pussy is dripping wet and throbbing overly sensitive from the handful of orgasms she has just had.

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