UGH! she sighed to herself  she could not believe that the sex with this smoking hot guy was horrible!

Oh he is hot has a great body you can tell he works out and takes good care of himself, too bad the sex sucks so bad. Hell he even left his socks on… He was a lousy kisser self centered to say the least he did not even make sure she got off and if it was not for her self servicing she would still be waiting to orgasm.

Things started off bad and got worse by the minute, he tried to talk dirty to her and ended up sounding ridiculous, he was not even making sense whispering in her ear about his cock and what it looked like.

While he was preforming oral sex on her he was down there ripping things open like it was a bag of chips plunging his tongue in and out of her hole and not even bothering to lick her clit. He really needs someone to teach him what a clit is and how to lick it she thought more than once but did not push him to see what he had in him.

laughing to herself at just how bad this encounter was she thought how much worse can this be? Now it was a challenge to see how much worse things could get. How can it be that a hot guy in his early twenties is so bad at sex? what the hell has he been doing? This guy should be a lot better than this but lets see what happens now.

As if things could not get any worse UGH! he barely had his cock inside her and he came what the hell she did not even get to feel his huge cock plunging deep inside her she could not figure out what the hell just happened, when it hit her and she asked him one simple question… “Are you a virgin?”

He nodded his head and confirmed that he was indeed a virgin…Oh! this changes everything she yells. Boy have I got some things to show you. she tells him.

His face a little bit red from embarrassment but this opened a whole new scene for them. She started by taking his socks off and then they had some fun!

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