a sexy couple2

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  The evening started off at a strip club near our home we watched the dancers preform biker hubby got a lap dance and then we went upstairs and biker hubby got to watch as I had my own private lap dance. After it was all done and the dancer had rubbed herself and grinding herself all over me including beating me about the face with her titties in my face, I am pretty turned on and ready for some action. The idea came about pretty fast to have her come to our home and join in the fun so I asked her how much she would charge us to join in the fun, to my surprise she said no charge and got the address and we exchanged phone numbers then biker hubby and I got out of there so she could finish her shift and then come over.

We hurried home to set the scene for some fun. I got fresh sheets out and changed the bed sheets, set out my favorite toys like my flogger, some hand and ankle cuffs a whip a blindfold some lube and a brand new dildo that I had just gotten in the mail that day. Biker hubby made us each a drink and asked me if I was sure about this, I told him I was and he said he did not want this to ruin our relationship, I assured him that as long as it was just this once its fine.

I barely finished getting the bedroom ready, when a car pulled into the driveway. When she walked into the house she was dressed in a corset top and short skirt showing off her legs nice pair of medium heeled black shoes. She told us that there were some rules to go over before we start, when she informed us that biker hubby absolutely in no would enter his penis into her vagina the look on his face was pure disappointment and she explained that this was because she is gay she likes women and does not want a man inside her like that. I thought for sure this was gonna be a bust for hubby and not in a good way.

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We all agree to her terms and hubby made her a drink and after 4 or 5 rounds things turned towards the bedroom. We took biker hubby and tied him up using the cuffs I had laid out. He was already hard as a rock and ready to go when she and I started to suck his cock taking turns sucking it into our mouths while the other lick and sucked his balls. After giving much attention to his cock but before his orgasm she turned me so that I was riding his cock reverse cowgirl style and she started to lick my pussy, I almost came right there it took all I had to hold back for several minutes while she expertly lick on my clitoris, when I could hold out no longer I slowed to a stop and came all over her face and biker hubby’s cock. I took her and pushed her down onto his face so that she could get some oral and she straddled his face riding his tongue and lips like she was born to do  he reached a hand up and slid two fingers inside her cunt and she responded by grinding against his hand and face. I bent down and helped biker hubby lick her pussy, both of us focusing on her clit wanting to bring her to orgasm our tongues swirled and lick and lapped her twat while hubby’s fingers drove in and out of her cunt. I felt her hand in my hair as she was grinding against my face I slipped a hand up to her breasts and found a nipple she sucked in a deep breath and with that action she let her orgasm flow freely.

We untied biker hubby and then tied me up and she once again began to lick my pussy my climax was already starting to build as biker hubby used the dildo inside my dripping wet cunt he fucked me while she licked me I was in heaven enjoying the sensations both were giving me I turned her so that she was on my face and we proceeded with a 69 show for biker hubby and he used the dildo on me and from somewhere came another for use on our guest. After lubing it and her ass thoroughly biker hubby slid the dildo up her bum and he proceeded to fuck us both from different angles while we preformed 69 on each other. She came first but I was not far behind her and we slipped the ties off my ankles since I had already worked the hand cuffs off my wrists.

We laid biker hubby back down on the bed and she moved so that she was hovering over his cock that she had covered with a condom and slowly let it slip into her ass she rode him while I licked his balls and then moved to kiss his mouth and nibble his nipples that were rock hard. I reached down to again start to lick his balls and put a hand on either cheek of her ass to help guide her up and down hubby’s throbbing cock this went on for several minutes and she bucked and grinded her bum on his cock I could tell he was near orgasm and she to could sense it as she stopped and pulled me over onto him and guided his cock into my twat, she rubbed my clit as I rode his cock my legs were spread so far apart that I thought I was going to split open but it felt so good to have his cock deep in my pussy and to feel her rubbing my clit I came in mere seconds the whole scene was so fucking hot the whole night had been biker hubby’s fantasy come true. As I reached my orgasm and came all over biker hubby’s throbbing huge cock I heard him groan and felt him shove his cock deep inside my dripping twat and orgasm to the point of overflowing all over me and himself.

I lay sprawled out on the bed next to biker hubby, our guest began to get dressed and I grabbed a robe and walked her to the door, she turned to me and kissed me a long hot searing tongue on tongue kiss that lasted for what seemed like eternity then she trotted down the steps and got into her car and drove away into the night. I locked the door and joined hubby in the bedroom and we drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others arms.

sexy couple

photos borrowed from 123RF

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