Oh the anticipation! we cannot wait to get to our holiday home for a week of rest and relaxing, just the two of us and our dogs. We tried all the usual places to rent for a week that we knew of and everyone was booked solid so a friend of a friend gave us a number and they rented us the home for a week and it was dirt cheap we could not believe our luck! So as we packed and drove out of town and made the 6 hour drive to our vacation home destination. We talked and laughed and made great time we were so looking forward to spending this week together for some much needed R&R and of course the alone time that our busy schedules does not allow us at home.

Smiling to myself he has no clue that I brought a toy bag for lots of fun thing to happen. This will be the perfect time to use some new toys we had just gotten. ¬†As we wind up the twisted road that leads to the home where we will be hiding away for the next week I take in the sights it is beautiful southern style plantation home rolling fields and meadows as far as the eye can see. Horses and cattle, chickens and pigs are every where and surprisingly enough the place does not stink, but you can smell the apple blossoms in the air the trees are all blooming it is so breath takingly beautiful we can’t wait to see our home.

We pull up to what must be the main home since there are a few dozen other homes on the property. Biker hubby checks us in while I wait in the car and enjoy the lazy breeze that blows across us. He comes out with the oddest look on his face and says there was a mix up in our reservation but they had a home that never gets rented, but it was ours free of charge for the week due to the mix-up. Okay I am game for anything right about now I just want this time away together and I would probably sleep in a tent if we had to. So we turn around and go back out the drive way and turn left travel about 6 miles then turn left again and as we wind up this driveway we see several deer playfully run across the driveway. I take it as a sign of great things to come.

My mouth hit the floor, yep that is right it is hanging wide open for every fly in the world to fly into, I cannot believe what I am looking at. I glance slowly at biker hubby and see the look of dismay on his face, this cannot be our home. Everything is in slow motion, I am staring dumbly at the shell of a home it is an old, very old, log cabin style home it is two stories and while it looks clean and cared for it is old as in it was built in the 1830’s this thing is old. We get out of the car and are transfixed on the dump in front of us. We walk up to the door, put the key in and walk into the place and drop our bags at the door, the inside has been modernized to a beautiful home all woodsie decorations and country style furniture greets us I cannot believe how nice the dump turned out to be on the inside!

Wow is all I can get out as I turn to biker hubby and he says we have free run of the house but we are not permitted in the basement seems it use to be a home where slaves were imprisoned way back when. “OH!” I gulp I do not like that, but that was long ago times are different now. Shaking the chill we go about our day as night time falls the sounds of the night lull us to sleep we are startled awake by a scream in the night we both heard it and I am ready to panic we go looking around and can find nothing, assuming it was an old screech owl we sit down in the living room and the door to the basement creeks as I jump out of my skin we both see it is open. We grab a flashlight and a cell phone and start down the steps. I am shaking so hard I cannot steady the light as we descend into the dirt cellar.

There are shapes everywhere in the basement and we cannot find a light and trembling I walk into what turned out to be a light hanging from the ceiling. I pull the string and it turns on to blind us both as we look around we see gallows and cages and whips a large cross nailed to the wall where slaves were hung up and whipped “OH the madness” I yell I cannot stand to be here it seems biker hubby forgot to tell me this was slave quarters and where they were imprisoned if they did not listen to their master. I never thought we would see this type of stuff on display like this it seems someone has been cleaning the room and keeping it clean as they could with a dirt floor. There are no cob webs or dust hanging around, and then it hits me…

I will be right back I tell biker hubby and scurry upstairs grab the toy bag and run back downstairs where hubby is looking quit amazed at the contraptions that we don’t even know the names of. So I drop the bag and tell him my plan.

Since this room was at one time so full of pain and torment I think it needs some new memories, and we should give them to this place. I go to the toy bag and pull out the paddle and place myself in the gallows and hubby picks up the paddle and proceeds to spank me thoroughly, and it felt so erotic as tears rolled down my cheeks I imagine them falling on the floor amoung the tears of a tortured soul and I imagine it washes away thier pain and frees their soul, if only for the time being their souls know some one cares about how they were treated.

I move to the large “X” and hubby quietly ties me to it and he blindfolds me as he uses our dragon tail to whip me like a master did his slave so long ago. Then we gently made love to each other on a table that had tie down straps made of delicious yummy smelling leather. My tears washing away the pain that someone felt at the hands of their master in this very room. We spend hours tying each other to the various torture devices and laughing and loving one another. We walk out of the basement hand-in-hand and oddly quiet. The house feels so much lighter and happier, I like to think we gave the house some happier memories and washed away the pain of the past.

We spent the entire week making love in the basement of the home and when we checked out I asked the lady what was up with the basement, and explained how we ended up down there and she told us that the house was built in the 1830’s it was where slaves were tortured and the last time the house was used for such things was when the Mistress of the planataion took a female slave there and put her in the gallows because she was pregnant with the masters baby the Woman had her tortured and killed the unborn child dying with her and the husband closed the house because he had been in love with the slave and died of a broken heart after she was murdered by his very own wife. The desk clerk then went on to tell us how they stopped letting people stay in the home because people reported hearing the female slave scream out her last scream before she died. Some people even swear they saw her that’s why no one can go in the basement. Guests have reported seeing her in the basement and in the bedroom at the top of the steps where she would have encounters with her master, it seems that she loved him also.

Here is a link to show you some of the hideous torture devices that were used on slaves LINK

to see other stories about the holiday house that was slave quarters please click the image below:

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