We are on our way home from having dinner out at Texas Roadhouse with a group of friends. There was 10 of us 12 including biker hubby and myself. We laughed we joked we all had a great time and left with our belly’s over full and our jaws sore from so much laughing.

Texas Roadhouse is about an hour away from our home, but well worth the drive. So on the way home, biker hubby is driving since it is dark out. This means it is time for me to play. So I reach over and start stroking his cock through his pants. He responds right away by sliding his seat back and using the tilt wheel option to push the steering wheel as high as it will go.

His cock immediately responds to my caressing it even through his jeans. I slide over and begin to nibble on his ears and neck. Mindful of the thick traffic around us I slide farther down so that I can slide his throbbing cock into my mouth. It is an hour ride home so I am taking my time and kissing, licking, and slurping his cock. I slide my mouth ever so slowly up and down the shaft of his cock taking him as deep into my throat as I can get him.

Teasing the head of his cock then sucking it deep within my throat. Sliding my tongue out to lick his balls while burying his cock in my throat has him moaning and pushing the gas pedal to make the car go faster. He wraps his hand in my hair to help guide my mouth up and down his cock, trying to speed up the blow job so I give his cock a gentle nibble hard enough to let him know I am in control of this oral assault on his cock. Sucking the tip of his cock I slowly let him slip his throbbing cock all the way down my throat wiggling my tongue and swirling it around the shaft of his cock has him moaning loudly and trying to jam his cock in my mouth so that he cums fast.

This is not happening we are almost home and I have no intention of letting him cum yet. When he gets off the highway he finds the first dirt road he comes to and jams the breaks to stop the car and he gets out and pulls me out of the car and spins me around yanking my pants down and bending me over the passenger seat he jams his cock in, luckily I am wet and ready, he leans forward and roughly grinds his fingers on to my clit, which makes me cum right there on the spot, and that’s when he goes crazy on me, He jams his cock in and out of my pussy so hard and fast that all you can hear is skin slapping skin. I am having a hard time holding myself up under his assault on my pussy, but I am so ready to cum again, but am trying to hold it back when he smacks my ass with a loud whack that echos off the trees and tells me to stop holding back and he reaches forward again to grind my clit and I cum again, this drives him over the edge and he climaxes with me cum leaking out all around his cock that is jammed deep inside my slippery pussy.

As I pull my pants back up and we are both panting and trying to catch our breath we hear someone yell “Who’s out there?” “What are you kids doing out there?” “I have a gun and I will shoot you!” say no more my friend we are both in the car and driving like hell to get out of there before this person has a chance to make good on their threat. We did not realize in the heat of the moment we were in someone’s driveway! I don’t know how we both missed the house!

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