Her cute 18 year old body was tucked snugly into the cutest rainbow colored teddy. It has a matching garter and fishnet stockings, matching undies cute little things that cover only slightly her young full bouncing breasts stretching the top to its limits, a cute little rainbow colored ribbon is sitting between her perky breasts tied into a cute little bow. She has on a white skirt and an animal print top, cute pair of black heels on. No one has a clue what she has on under her outfit not even her date.

Fast forward through a casual chatty dinner, at the local dinner. They both skipped dessert and payed the check and then they were off to the hotel room they had planned on using for the evening. They had been planning this little get away for almost a month and finally it was here and she was so very ready.

It’s hard to have sex when your a young couple and its hard to get out of the house specially for a weekend get-away. They had even saved sex for their weekend together.

They walk into the room and set down their bags giggle because it is one big bed for the two of them. He no more locked the door that she had pulled the curtain, he began to strip his clothes off and headed right for the bed. She went to freshen up and make sure the mood was set for this romantic weekend. checking her hair and make-up they look just right.couple pulls and tugs on the nightie and she is all set to walk out to her man like it was their wedding night (which is what she had been fantasizing this whole time, and that made it so much more delicious).

She hears porn on the television and decides to make her entrance she turned out the light and opened the door slipped around the corner and pauses for a moment waiting for him to catch sight of her. It did not take but a few seconds for him to see her. His mouth dropped open he sat right up out of the bed. He got up and walked over to her brushing back a stray hair, he took her by the hand and led her to the bed, kissed her hand, and continued up her arm to her shoulder and then her neck. She gently pushed him backwards and stood up he needs to see her whole outfit and watch it come off.

She started with the garter and rolled it down her leg and slipped it off taking the panties by the waist band and sliding my fingers under them and turning slowly to the left as I slid them down slowly over my ass cheeks they slid. I made sure I had turned around facing him by the time by pussy peeked over the top of the sexy panties, these I placed over his head so that the panty liner crotch was sitting right on his nose. She reached for the top hook in the back of the nightie and began to undo the clasps and sway her hips back and forth while doing so, she was lost in her little dance that she was preforming for him, she did not realize how much it turned him on until he grabbed her an tossed her onto the bed and jumped down on her giving the teddy a little rip to get it off the rest of the way.

He was kissing her madly all over nipping and biting her neck and breasts. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that he bite her neck and roughly kiss lips and ears, He entered her wet pussy shoving, demanding his cock be let into my pussy. He shoved so deep inside I was sure if I opened my mouth you could see it in my throat. He turned her over for a few minutes of doggie style riding her like a mad man while he rubbed her clit with his thumb and finger, he jerked and lay down on the bed pulling her roughly up and over him until she was sitting o his cock with her back to him he slid his cock inside me like that for the first time, two strokes and I came all over his fat cock. and he was just a few jabs behind me, we lay holding each other as we fell asleep spending our first night together.
Now the story was not quit that good because we were both so young a such horny toads that I tripped over the heels I was trying to wear fell into the bed it was horrible and after we got done laughing at that little mishap I was trying to do my little strip tease and spent so much time twirling and attempting to shake my ass and hips at my lover that I had no clue he fell asleep I was pissed so I threw a glass of water on him and shoved him into the wet spot and went to sleep and refused to talk about it at all. LOL Looking back now we laugh really hard at that, but we are both glad that we are still together and can look back on a memories like this. I think the made up one sounds better, but the reality one was hiliarious.

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