Hubby knows that Mexican food is my all time favorite, so off to dinner we go. Cuddled up in a cozy little corner of the restaurant Hubby and I sat side by side laughing and giggling through our meal. Stopping to feed each other different foods or to wipe each others mouth off. Licking each others fingers clean, our feet rubbing together my hand sliding up his leg to find his cock resting on it waiting for me to touch it, and as I stroke it lightly through his jeans the waitress asks if we need anything? no, I think, unless you have a bed in here we can use? So we finish our meal and pay the bill before things get crazy in the restaurant.

On our way home Hubby is driving my car. He has the wheel tilted all the way up and the seat pushed all the way back. I slip off my seat belt and unzip his pants. He knows it is time for some road head. I tease him at first though licking and biting the head of his cock. Nibbling down the shaft of his throbbing cock and licking back up it, by now he has a handful of my hair and is trying to jam his cock down my throat, but I am still only teasing him kissing it and licking it. I give in and let him jam his cock down my throat and he almost wrecks the car he gets so excited. I am using my hand to jack him off while I am sucking his cock, but stop before he can cum…oh I am not done playing with him yet.

Good thing it is a short ride home for us from my favorite Mexican place. We have been alternating between making out and me sucking his cock the whole way home. It is my turn… He rips my underwear out from under my skirt the minute we walked in the door, and closed it behind us. With my leg on a chair and standing in our dinning room Hubby is licking and kissing my pussy swirling his tongue over my clit to make me cum in seconds he wastes no time in bending me over the chair and sliding his throbbing cock inside me. He starts off with a slow grinding motion. He starts to pick up pace when I reach between my legs and grab his balls. caressing them and pulling on them he is working into a fast hard rhythm. His balls are bouncing off my pussy while he jams his cock in me. We switch to the floor so he can really nail me. My legs in the air spread as wide as he can force them he is pounding his cock inside me. He is rubbing my clit to make me cum again, just when I explode all over his cock he jams it in as hard and far as he can and fills me with cum that runs all over spilling out all around his cock that is still inside me, both of us to exhausted to get up or move… I love when Hubby takes me out for dinner.

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