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Hello my pretties!! I appreciate all of you who stop by and check out my site I love the comments and things and truely hope you all enjoy my storys of erotica and reviews of toys and things I have recently gotten myself cutting myself a little bit short on time. That is time for my erotica and time for my reviews so I cut back sponsors and h [...]

nipple clamps


sucking his cock

She has his cock shoved as far down her throat as she can get it when she lets her tongue snake out and lick his balls. She then starts to suck up and down on his shaft his cock is rock hard and his balls are swollen with the load of cum that is built up inside them the wrinkles of his balls are all taunt and ridgid just begging [...]

E[lust] #63

Photo courtesy of A to sub Bee Welcome to Elust #63 - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #64? Start with the rules, come back [...]

Super Sex Rabbit Vibe from Tracey Cox

from Tracey Cox the supersexrabbitvibe wsa sent to me from Lovehoney. It is available on their website for the wonderful price of $49.99. Now that is a great price for this item as it works very well. With christmas only a few months away you will want to pick up this item to give to your partner, or keep for your self. The Vibe: This vibe [...]

Giveaway: Happy Halloween

Black, Orange, and Spunk
In order to celebrate Halloween, I am running a giveaway for a stainless plug with a black mini fox tail and a mini wand massager along with a handful of Spunklube Hybrid samples. Only one winner will be drawn. I purchased these items, so they are in my possession to ship out. The giveaway will start now and end 11/9/14. Open world-wide but v [...]

TMI Tuesday

Another smashing TMI Tuesday idea from Virtual Sin. Color is everywhere–nature, food, clothing, skin, animals. Different colors symbolize or mean different things in different cultures. Finally, color affects mood. Rainbowtmi From your life, tell us about an object, experience or idea related to each of the colors of the spectrum: 1. Red Red [...]

bad sex turns good

UGH! she sighed to herself  she could not believe that the sex with this smoking hot guy was horrible! Oh he is hot has a great body you can tell he works out and takes good care of himself, too bad the sex sucks so bad. Hell he even left his socks on… He was a lousy kisser self centered to say the least he did not even make sure she go [...]

almost an orgasm

He is watching her as she dips her fingers into her dripping wet hole. Sliding her thumb across her clit she lets a moan of desire escape her from her lips. Sliding her fingers in and out of her hole she is nearing her orgasm No no no he tells her she does not have permission to orgasm so she takes her finger off of her clit but continues to [...]

knocking off scavenger hunt locations

scavenger hunt1
one of my scavenger hunt photos sitting in the driveway at my daughter’s home. Trying to make an effort to get some locations checked off   to see other Sinful SUnday images please click the image below  

Sex & Mischief Trilogy Set

The Sex & Mischief Trilogy Kit was generously supplied to me free from charge and in exchange for this review. The fact that this item is free does not alter my opinion at all this is an honest review of the item. It is provided by Burlesque toyshop. Included in this kit is a mask, a set of handcuffs with 2 keys, and one gray tie or sho [...]

now I am just showing off…

nothing like getting eye-to-eye lol just showing off another vacation photo. to see other wicked wednesday posts please click the banner below  

TMI Tuesday

Welcome to TMI Tuesday “Memorable & Amazing” Memorable sex is not necessarily amazing sex, though amazing sex is certainly memorable. Memorable: hard to forget. Amazing: startlingly impressive. 1. Tell us your top 3 memorable and/or amazing sexual experiences thus far in 2014. Biker hubby and I had a wonderful sexual encounter while in G [...]

rough day at work

squeezing her thighs together and trying not to speed on her way home from work, she couldn’t wait to get home and get into the shower and get off it had been a brutal day at work and she just wanted to relax. Walking into the house she left the door unlocked and did not even care who  came in at the time. She dropped her bags at the di [...]


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