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Black Friday deals from Tantus

BUNDLE DEALS When all bundle items are added to your cart, the cart will automatically refresh to display the discounted prices. If one of the items from the bundle is removed or is missing from the cart, the discounted prices will disappear. Not sure if a toy is part of a Bundle? Check on the item’s page, below the picture, to see its [...]

good vibrations holiday sale

From 11/27-11/30 (Thursday through Sunday) we will have a 25% off site-wide sale! (Minimal exclusions) If you are on our email list, you will notice an earlybird email of this sale but it will not go live for the public until 11/27, so that’s the date you’ll want to promote. Separately, all weekend long, all We-Vibe products will be on sale f [...]

TMI Tuesday

This week’s TMI Tuesday was derived from a book called Taking Things Seriously. Read on, you’ll get the drift. Taking Things Seriously “Step into any living room, office, studio or den of just about any engaged, imaginative, passionate person and you will find an item that, although it may not appear particularly valuable, is reverentially d [...]

Hedo Vibes Review Roundup Week #68

Photo courtesy of Slutty Girl Problems Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission for [...]

On a Dark Street…

It was on a dark country street that they pulled over in the first driveway they came to. They had been out to dinner and she was busy sucking his cock driving him wild. Her long slow strokes taking him deep into her throat were driving him crazy. There were no street lights and all was dark when he pulled into the first driveway that they ca [...]

Talk Dirty to Me…

Kink of the Week
Oh baby!! I love when biker hubby talks dirty to me. Now unfortunately he does not do it every time we have sex but he makes it more special and more kinky when he does do it and I never know when to expect it, it is always a surprise. I return the dirty talk to him and ask him if he wants me to suck his cock or lick his balls and he respond [...]

caught in the act

running her vibe down her stomach to reach her lady parts nipple clamps on her nipples as tight as she can stand it she tweeks each of her nipples as she use her vibe with her other hand. The warm relaxing shower got her in the mood and with hubby at work she decided to take care of things herself. She never paid attention to how long her sho [...]


today I am busy with school work so I am reflecting on some of our naughty moments…   to see other sinfulsunday images please click the  banner below:  

Looking back…

As I sit here freezing my ass off I look back to just a few short months ago when biker hubby and I went to Tennessee for our mini vacation. We had really nice weather where as right now we have a foot or so of snow and it is below zero with the wind chill factor. It took me almost a half hour to get my car thawed enough to go to work yesturd [...]

TMI Tuesday

Another Monday, another week, another TMI Tuesday posted. Enjoy Night Time is the Right Time. Fill in the blank 1. When I can’t sleep I _____ . I usually play on the computer unless I have to work the next day then I either get sex with biker hubby or take a sleeping pill I prefer to have the sex with hubby, but sometimes that does not work [...]

Giveaway: Red Leash & Collar

Giveaway starts today and ends 12/5/14. Shipping open world-wide but void where prohibited. Prize shipped by me. 18+ to enter. Only one winner is drawn. Winner contacted via email. Winner has 2 days to reply before new winner is drawn. Product wasn’t sponsored. Product was a duplicate purchase which is your gain. Be sure to read direc [...]

I’m back!!

I have went through my review process and made some changes. I hope my sponsors will have a look around and check out the new way I am handling the reviews.  I will be buying some items in the next few weeks to review while I wait on my sponsors to send me items. You will notice that the items in my newer reviews will contain a scale of 1,000 [...]

Princessa by Vibratex sent by Good Vi...

This is one of “The Girls” the Princessa is by Vibratex and this item was generously sent to me from Good Vibrations in exchange for this honest review. The fact that this item is free of charge does not alter my opinion of the item. You can find the Princessa on the Good Vibrations website for $90.00. The Girls: There are 3 di [...]

having a playful date night

He called her to say he was on his way home and for her to get ready to go out for dinner, they both worked all day and she sure did not feel like cooking and he hardly ever cooks anymore, only on special occasions. He hung up rather quickly so that told her to move fast he is not someone that will wait around for her to get ready. She jumps [...]

My New Tail…Foxy

Biker Hubby loves my new tail he says it is Foxy. I think it is pretty neat this is only my second one.               To see other Sinful Sunday posts please click the lips below:    

sexy button fly pants

  Biker Hubby got a new pair of cammies and they have super sexy button fly I love them button fly are my favorite jeans/pants There is just something super sexy about button fly pants specially when there are no undies under them, oh and the peek of a penis only adds to the sexy-ness To see other Sinful Sunday images please click the b [...]

sex and the great outdoors

a sexy couple
                We had been out riding in the sunshine all morning. The sun beating down on us kept us warm the air was a little bit cool for the fall day but the suns direct beams were warm on them. They had stopped at this castle that is in a park a few hours from their home it sits back in the woods and h [...]

Slinger from Good Vibrations

  This is the Slinger and it was generously sent to me from Good Vibrations in exchange for this review. The Slinger is a Fun Factory toy known as the Bandito, but it is they are the same toy. It is available on their website for around $40.00. Materials/ Care of the item: The Slinger is made from silicone. It is 100% silicone. This it [...]

Piercings on KOTW

                I had my eyebrow pierced for about a year then biker hubby just did not like it so I took it out and let the hole close up. I liked it it did not hurt and it was a small bar-bell looking piece nothing that stuck out to much, but biker hubby just does not like the piercings. I think a gu [...]

Like all fairytales mine has a happy ...

                              The younger more innocent me is a sexy Cinderella, this was all before the reality of the world came crashing down on me the summer I turned 10. I use to believe in the good in all people and helped take care of my younger brother and sis [...]

her favorite toys

Photo credit is to this image is borrowed! Her favorite dildo is shoved in her dripping wet pussy. He is watching her fuck herself with it. Slowly stroking his own cock while watching the scene unfold on the bed in front of him. She is slowly dragging the dildo in and out of her pussy. Letting her fingers brush against her swollen c [...]


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